Light weight and adaptability

MonoPanĀ® panels can be used in many different industrial applications, since they have a wide range of useful properties and can be custom manufactured from just a few components.

Their light weight and adaptability, combined with stability, delivers competitive advantages to your company over competitors who do not yet use the panels.

Don't yet know whether the panels are the right material for your project? Contact us; we will be happy to discuss your application and the requirements of your project, and advise you whether it can be carried out with thermoplastic sandwich systems.

Applications for sandwich Panels

The panels can be used, for instance, as:

  • Specialised floor solutions for drainage in painting systems
  • Covers
  • Boxes
  • Transportation and logistics

    Sandwich panels are the right choice wherever light weight and stability are needed in transportation. Thanks to the many positive characteristics of the material, boxes, containers, and pallets manufactured from it offer better properties than conventional products.

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  • Thermal boxes
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    We manufacture logistics systems for the storage and transport of your temperature-sensitive goods for you.

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