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Transport boxes and shaped components made of Monopan®

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Transport boxes, covers, platforms, advertising products, floating structural supports, custom moulded components – we produce them all.

Thanks to a specialised process that takes advantage of the outstanding properties of MonoPan®, which is a robust sandwich panel material made of the mouldable plastic polypropylene, cps is able to custom manufacture even challenging structural support components to handle high payloads with a low component weight and excellent durability.


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Our Products

The material we work with stands out for its excellent stability and astoundingly light weight. It is used in many different applications. Our products are the solution wherever the lightest weight possible is needed, combined with maximum stability. We custom manufacture products to our customers’ requirements, and consider ourselves to be not only producers, but consultants as well. Each and every one of our customers receives exactly what they need for their products and services.


Transportation and Logistics

MonoPan® sandwich panels are the right choice wherever light weight and stability are needed in transportation. Thanks to the many positive characteristics of the material, boxes, containers, and pallets manufactured from it offer better properties than conventional products.

Industrial construction

MonoPan® panels are often used in industry because they are impact-resistant, UV stable, and easy to clean, among other benefits. Since large, mouldable surfaces can be produced in a single piece, they can be adapted to specific applications. This is one reason they are used in painting systems.

Thermal boxes

We manufacture logistics systems for the storage and transport of your temperature-sensitive goods for you.

Our Customer


Here is a partial list of customers in different industries who appreciate the advantages of polypropylene sandwich panels and who have carried out projects with us:



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New at cps: Isolated Transport Systems

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