Transport and
logistics systems with most
effective insulation.

Storage and transport of dry ice as well as products that need to be transported with dry ice is not a problem as they can be safely stored at temperatures up to 80°C. In addition, temperature-sensitive goods such as building materials can be stored and transported in any desired size without tool costs, even in small series.


Applications for Sandwich panels

  • Cooling boxes
  • Boxes for transports in the +°C range
  • Prepregtransports

No matter what system needs to be transported, cps finds the right solution together with you.

  • Transportation and logistics

    Sandwich panels are the right choice wherever light weight and stability are needed in transportation. Thanks to the many positive characteristics of the material, boxes, containers, and pallets manufactured from it offer better properties than conventional products

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  • Industrial construction

    Sandwich panels are often used in industry because they are impact-resistant, UV stable, and easy to clean, among other benefits. Since large, mouldable surfaces can be produced in a single piece, they can be adapted to specific applications. This is one reason they are used in painting systems.

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